Vi vil høre fra deg!

Vi er interessert i å høre fra deg. Er du kaptein og har følgende kvalifikasjoner:
– Tankerman Highest Grade (olje/kjemikalie)
– Farledsbevis Norskekysten

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Update in Contact Details

Please be advised that we’ve made changes to our contact details. All Fjord Shipping staff will now only be available on mobile phone, not office phone. All telephone numbers are updated under our Staff section. However, following will still be able to reach on office phones: Magne, Knut, Monica and Tonje.

Our main number, +47 57 85 38 50 will still be active.

New offices


Fjord Shipping moved into new modern facilities in Gate 1, nr. 80 in Måløy. This allowed again Fjord Shipping and Fjord Services (accounting) to be under same roof which further improves our effectiveness and reliability.